Coffee in our hostel.

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Now the administrators of Day’n’Night hostel brew fresh coffee in Hario V60. We use freshly roasted coffee beans by Doble B company - one of the best coffee company in the Moscow. They are use direct trade business model - buying coffee at the farms in the South America and Africa.

I hope you'll enjoy our new service.

Free walking tour

with Russia Today TV channel

Oldschool Russian vodka bars of Moscow


When talking about alcohol and Russia there is only one answer to any question: vodka. Vodka can be seen at almost any Russian celebration. Vodka bars (or so-called Rumochnaya) are legacy from the Soviet Union. Almost all of them were closed during the last 20 years in Moscow, but some remnants of the past can still be found in the center of the city. During the tour we will visit four different places: three of them are from the Soviet Union and one is brand new. In each bar you will be free to test vodka shot and light snack.

This tour will be filmed by Russia Today TV channel ! You have a great chance to become a world TV star !

Date: March, 3rd
Time: 4 pm
Meeting point: metro station Arbatskaya
Price: FREE

The tour is free but online booking is needed ! book here

Steve Schapiro. Living America

October 23 – December 9, 2012


Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is proud to present Steve Schapiro’s first retrospective exhibition in Moscow. He traveled throughout America from coast to coast photographing and recording people and issues during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. Schapiro’s photo-essays have been published by magazines, such as Life, Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, Newsweek and Vanity Fair. He had set a mission for himself to make a portrait of the epoch, to highlight in this time slice the "icons" and ordinary people who became new generation of America. Exhibit includes more than 100 photographs from this period covering major socio-political and cultural phenomena. Exposition dedicated to themes such as civil demonstration, celebrity portraiture and street photography of the 60s. Schapiro was welcomed in different social circles, he captured both drug addicts from Harlem and Hollywood stars. Despite thematic differentiation every single shot has its precise composition and perfect balance of black and white.

His career as a photojournalist started in 1961. During the “golden age in photojournalism” an activist as well as documentarian, Schapiro highlighted many stories related to protests against Vietnam War, hippies and the Summer of Love, the Civil Rights movement including the March on Washington and Selma to Montgomery march for voter registration when Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech. Schapiro was the first photographer at the location where Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated and has produced some of the most iconic images of that tragic event. These facts make Schapiro’s photographs a matter of current interest for Russia as it was the time when civil society was formed. People were fighting for their rights using nonviolent civil disobedience. These were the people who changed the history of the country.

Steve Schapiro covered American art scene with portraits of Francis Bacon and Rene Magritte, Robert Ruaschenberg and Claes Oldenberg, documented Andy Warhol’s Factory. He collaborated on projects with Barbra Streisand and David Bowie, made renowned portraits of Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Simon and Garfunkel, Tina Turner and Yves Montand. Schapiro managed to catch the character and particular charisma of famed actors and directors such as, Dustin Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Katharine Hepburn and Mia Farrow, Francis Ford Coppola, Martine Scorsese, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski. His “heroes” were Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Muhammad Ali, Robert Kennedy, Truman Capote and Samuel Beckett.

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography will present an exclusive project “The Godfather Family Album” – iconic images from the legendary Francis Ford Coppola trilogy. Instantly recognizable images including Brando with Cat, Pacino Dying and The Whisper will be shown with images that have never been seen before.

Schapiro’s photographs were included in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 1968 exhibition “Harlem On My Mind”. His work can be found in the collection of the Smithsonian (Washington), The High Museum (Atlanta) and the National Portrait Gallery (Washington). Steve Schapiro's recent solo shows were in Los Angeles (Fahey/Klein Gallery), Amsterdam (Wouter van Leeuwn Gallery), London (Hamiltons Gallery) and Paris (Gallerie Thierry Marlat). His monographic albums have been published by Taschen, Arena Editions and PowerHouse Books. Steve Shapiro will attend the opening of his first solo exhibition in Moscow; will hold a lecture and book signing session on Oct 25.

Curator: Anastasia Lepikhova

Wendy Paton. Visages de Nuit

September 5 – October 7, 2012

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is proud to present exhibition of an award winning fine art photographer Wendy Paton and her series Visages de Nuit - personal and intimate glimpses of our human, ineffable presence in mesmerizing graphic compositions of black and white that mesmerizes us.

Wendy Paton was in the throws of a successful ground breaking career training and driving Standardred race horses in New York, when in 1981 her interest in photography emerged. Wendy studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City, learned the intricacies of night photography from Michael Kenna, and darkroom printing techniques from her mentor and collaborator, master printer Chuck Kelton.

Wendy Paton allows herself to disappear in order to let her subjects emerge from the night: “For me, photography means concentrating on something and peeling back the individual layers until you have reached its true essence. This can be the moment when I press the shutter button, how I develop the film, or how I ultimately print the photograph—or a combination of all three.”

Her nocturnal portraits are both intimate and familiar, compelling and mysterious. Paton, who works solely with manual film cameras, shot this body of work over a six-year span beginning in 2006. Intrigued by the mysterious and ever-changing nature of human personalities and their individual choices of expression, she chooses to photograph at night, when she believes people feel the freedom to be as they wish; take on a personality that they imagine, or simply be themselves, striping down any false face. It is this freedom of expression at night that Paton searches for in her subjects. Her fascination with the darkness allows her to document with truth and clarity what she sees in the people of the night. As with Cartier-Bresson, her images are taken in that “decisive moment”, a moment that only the photographer, at that specific instant in time, instinctually knows “this is the time, take the photograph”.

Paton's series of black and white candid night images, Visages de Nuit, was first exhibited in 2009 in the exhibition, Clues To Identity, at the International Center of Photography, Rita K. Hillman Gallery in New York City. Her first solo exhibition in New York followed in March of 2010 at Sous Les Etoiles Gallery.  The artist's European debut of her Visages de Nuit images opened in January 2011 in American Portraits at In Focus Galerie, Koln, Germany.  She in professionally represented by Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, NYC, In Focus Galerie, Koln, Germany and Lumiere Brothers Photogallery, Moscow, Russia.

Paton’s work has been exhibited in gallery and museum venues. Internationally, and is in private and public collections in the US and Europe. The publication of her fist monograph, Visages de Nuit, (Kehrer Verlag), will launch with her debut exhibition in Russia, Visages de Nuit, at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow September 2012.

Howard G. Buffett


September 19 - October 21, 2012

On September 19, the Lumiere Brothers Center of Photography opens a solo exhibition of Howard G. Buffett – a farmer, philanthropist, environmentalist, political activist and also a significant figure in the world of photography.

The photographs presented in the exhibition, taken between 1997 and 2011 in 105 countries around the world, present to us the unknown life scenarios, expand our understanding of the world and touch upon the most pressing global problems of our future.

The main theme of the photographs presented in the exhibition is the study of the relationship between human and the environment - both natural and social aspects of it. The photographs are a reflection of our multi-faceted and ambiguous world. Part of the exhibit is dedicated to diverse and bizarre animal world: there are fascinating landscapes, wildlife, and portraits of indigenous peoples in Africa, India and Papua New Guinea. But the other part presents photo portraits of residents of “Third World,” whose fate is seen through the images of children suffering from hunger in Ethiopia and Malawi, people in Afghanistan, Georgia, and Sudan in the midst of armed conflict and without shelter, and the refugees of Pakistan and Chad without home. People are the common thread to the ultimate success or failure of sustainable systems. The outcome of the policies that effect wildlife and ecosystems cannot be treated independently from the human factors.

Buffett began his career with the work on wildlife protection, but later turned his attention to the human issues being most concerned with the fate of people living in adverse conditions. That desire to help people led Buffett to photography. Becoming a UN Ambassador Against Hunger on behalf of the World Food Programme, Howard Buffett has received numerous awards, including the Prize Will Owen Jones Distinguished Journalist of the Year Award (2005). The exhibition features photographs documenting the work of The Howard Buffett Foundation, which provides invaluable assistance to residents of the "Third World."

Howard Buffett was the author of several books on wildlife preservation and environmental protection. His writing has also been published in periodicals including The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. The photographer states his belief that " photographic images can covert empty words into undeniable truths—truths that can help us understand our accomplishments or limitations as a race, the endurance of the human spirit under great despair, and the generosity we can exhibit when called upon in times of need.”

Mr. Buffett currently serves on the Corporate Boards of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., an investment holding company; The Coca Cola Company, the world’s largest beverage company; Lindsay Corporation, a world-wide leader in the manufacturing of agricultural irrigation products, and Sloan Implement, a privately owned distributor of John Deere agricultural equipment. He serves or has served on numerous non-profit boards.

The exhibition is organized jointly with the Foundation for International Arts & Education (USA) with the support of Howard G. Buffett Foundation (USA) and the U.S. Embassy to the Russian Federation. Final Approach







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